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Now it is even easier to stay connected thanks to the power of 2stayconnected. 2stayconnected promotes human connectedness and purpose. We help nonprofit organizations and alumni interest groups develop relationships with their donors and members and raise money in order to “do good” in the world.

People plus technology… With the support of our expert staff and the power of 2StayConnected’s all-in-one digital platform, you can keep your affinity group engaged and in touch— no matter where life takes you.

We build websites. You build relationships.
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Unlike other website-building platforms, 2StayConnected offers more than just tools. We also connect you with our first-rate technicians who can help you optimize your organization’s online home and ensure you’re utilizing it to its fullest potential.


Professional service firms like ours often charge big bucks. We help you skip the custom coding (and the bill) and go straight to the finished product with our beautiful website template, professionally designed after decades of experience working with groups just like yours.


We know affinity groups are most often populated by casual friends or busy volunteers. That’s why we take the work off your hands and help you keep your organization connected— without a big time commitment.

Some friendships are meant to last a lifetime.

That’s why our team of world-class specialists is dedicated to building online connection forums for affinity groups using our best-in-class technology. Whether you’re an alumni association, a group of old fraternity buddies, or a club of athletes who played on the same team back in the day, 2StayConnected is here to help you strengthen the relationships that matter most to you.

Website Features

✓ Share News & Photos

✓ Register for Events

✓ Search the Online Directory

✓ Discuss on the Forum

✓ Store Your Database

✓ Fundraise

✓ Send Email Newsletters

Our Work

Fraternity Alumni Group

Sorority Alumni Group

✓ High School Alumni Association

✓ Athletic Club

✓ Volunteer Fire Company

✓ Email Newsletter


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Drop us a line! We’d love to talk with you about how we can use our people-plus-technology approach to best serve you.

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  • State College, PA

What is the #1 factor in your success? Your relationship with your members and donors.